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SanYuan FengShui was first documented in writing during the Qing Dynasty. The origin of which can be traced as far back to the early 1900s when renowned Grandmaster T’an Yang Wu started systematic research on SanYuan FengShui and had then conducted classes in Shanghai, China.

The principles of SanYuan FengShui primarily consist of a combination of complex analysis. They include landscape (terrain & water features), the Five-Elements, Flying-Stars(fei-xing) and the application of Date Selection theories also known as ‘XuanCong DaGua’. The effect differs from person-to-person, place-to-place and from time-to-time. It is dynamic and is one of the more advanced theories in the study of FengShui. Grandmaster T’an started the T’an School of SanYuan FengShui since 1922 and has numerous students to his acclaim. A more recent example would be Grandmaster Hong Choon who is a highly respected FengShui advisor in Singapore. He was one of the other 4th Generation disciple devoted to Grandmaster’s T’an SanYuan teachings. The only other is Master Francis, based in Malaysia.


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