Master Low (Liu-Shifu) was born in Singapore and had lived and worked in many countries in the Asia-Pacific region namely Cambodia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Australia and Indonesia. Master Low is an Engineer by training and holds a Master in International Business & Finance.

Master Low's interest and experienced in FengShui date back to his University years over 18 years ago. Backed then, he had much influenced from his Mother (Mdm Nancy Lim) who had learnt FengShui and whom is now a devoted Buddhist. In the course of his employment at an executive management level with oil giant Chevron (Caltex), he met Grandmaster Francis Leyau in year 2000 while working in Malaysia. He further pursued an in-depth study into the authentic art of Feng Shui with Grandmaster Francis, who is the only remaining 4th Generation SanYuan FengShui expert of the founding Shanghai FengShui school of T’an Yang Wu.

Master Low is one of Grandmaster’s Francis earlier devoted student and has followed his teachings and guidance since then. Master Low’s competent knowledge in geographical science and engineering had also helped him in the understanding and applications of FengShui from a scientific perspective. Master Low is proudly the
5th Generation SanYuan FengShui practitioner of T’an Yang Wu's lineage.

Master Low now practices Yin and Yang FengShui in Singapore and around the Asia-Pacific region for a wide range of clients which includes family friends, businessmen, executives, engineers and medical doctors. Many organizations and individuals have benefited from Master Low’s FengShui advise which includes improvements in health, windfalls and harmonious relationships at home and at work. Master Low is now highly sought-after by many, mostly recommended by his clients and business associates who have experienced and benefited from the earth natural’s energy.

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